Installing the Stand-alone SDK Tools

Installing the Stand-alone SDK Tools

The stand-alone SDK Tools package does not include a complete Android development environment. It includes only the core SDK tools, which you can access from a command line or with a plugin for your favorite IDE (if available).

If you didn't download the SDK tools, go download the SDK now,

To get started on Windows:

Your download package is an executable file that starts an installer. The installer checks your machine for required tools, such as the proper Java SE Development Kit (JDK) and installs it if necessary. The installer then saves the Android SDK Tools to a specified the location outside of the Android Studio directories.

Double-click the executable (.exe file) to start the install.
Make a note of the name and location where you save the SDK on your system—you will need to refer to the SDK directory later when using the SDK tools from the command line.
Once the installation completes, the installer starts the Android SDK Manager.
The Android SDK tools are now ready to begin developing apps, but there are still a couple packages you should add to make your Android SDK complete.
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