[5.1.1][15 Sep]Xposed for Samsung Lollipop

 [5.1.1][15 Sep]Xposed for Samsung Lollipop

This is an Xposed framework variant built and tested on the Galaxy S6 (G920F) and the Galaxy Note 4 (N910C), but it should support all other Samsung devices (GS5, Note 5, GS6E, GS6E+...) running TW 5.1.1.

Samsung made a lot of changes to ART without providing the sources, that's why it took a while to workaround some of their changes

- Stock (or close to stock) 5.1.1 Roms
- CWM recovery

Bugs report:
- If you get any App FC, lag, bootloop... post your Rom details, xposed logs and PM your logcat
- Make sure you are flashing the correct version: arm for arm32 devices GS5, Note4,... and arm64 for GS6, Note5...
- Disable all modules and reboot to make sure your issue is related to the framework

I will not reply to any bug reports that ignore the above requirements, explain clearly your issue so i can help, i can't read your mind.

How to install:
- Install Xposed Installer App
- Make a nandroid backup
- Copy the Xposed file and the uninstaller to your sdcard
- Flash "xposed-vxx-sdk22-tw-arm64-custom-build-by-wanam-xxxxxxxx.zip" through CWM recovery
- Reboot

v74 (15/09/2015):
- This will fix the low space issue on dirty repacked deodexed Roms that may still contains odexed files, this issue was caused by a failed verification of the image header of "boot.art" on TW Roms, somehow one of the offsets "root_image" is wrong, check here for more details.

We just ignore it for now to let xposed boot-up on odexed Roms and avoid the misleading low space warnings, this does NOT mean stock odexed Roms are supported, i tested it only with my debloated Odexed OH8 Rom for GS6 (G920F), so use it at your own RISK and no need to report any bugs if you run it on a stock FW.

No space version are provided, use the main on instead.

v74 (11/09/2015):
- Updated to official xposed v74
This update should fix the gms maps module crashe and maybe some other non system apps that generate odex file on the device.
I reverted back to the default speed dexopt filter for better perfs, for people who are getting a low space, i posted an other version with dexopt space filter, we still don't know the cause of this issue.
I made an attempt to support odex Roms (included on the new version 11092015), i followed the same idea of @rovo89 used for gz compression support, renamed odex files to force installd to run dex2oat, the Rom boot up, but with the same low space issue that makes it unusable! So no need to try it for now on odexed Roms.

v73 (03/09/2015):
- Balanced dexopt filter to save more space on bloated TW Roms, it saves more than 300MB on my debloated Rom so it should do better on bloated ones, if you still get out of system space and apps FC, there is nothing i can do for you, going ahead to save more space will lead on a performance issue, ask your Rom cooker to debloat it.

v71 (28/08/2015):
- Support for the Galaxy Note 5
- Get rid of the modifications on the framework files, i ported all my hacks to the Xposed bridge, and Art libraries
This build requires stock untouched framework file, if your Rom comes with a modded "core-libart" and "conscrypt", it will boot-loop.

v71 (22/08/2015):
- No dexopt filters, this will cause more apps to recompile on the first boot, it will take more boot time but should improve the performances.

v71-b3 (19/08/2015):
- Added back some specific certificates checks for Chinese hosts

v71-b2 (18/08/2015):
- Fixed FC on Nova and some apps keys.

v71-b1 (17/08/2015):- Initial release
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