How to install the new 5.1.1 update for the G920S on any S6 model

How to install the new 5.1.1 update for the G920S on any S6 model

EDIT: The S6 edge permade tar based off of international firmware will be coming soon, for now use the South Korean one the only difference is the extra bloat.

I used unikernel so it should work on any model including the G920T but if you use it on the 925T or 920T or W8 models then call audio wont work and you will need to follow this guide. The reason is unikernel and the call audio fix don't work well together it has tons of glitches the only kernel the call audio fix works on is arters kernel and he doesn't want anyone to redistribute it ;( so you need to make your own tar manually with his kernel which I talk about doing in the guide I also give you links to the kernel. If you are on any other S6 or S6 edge besides W8 and T-mobile then you can flash away from the link I posted earlier call audio works right away but remember you can flash it on the S6 edge you just wont have the edge features. If you need the edge features use the guide below I wrote for you!

Once again if you have the 920/25T or 920/25W8 and you want call audio follow this guide don't flash my premade tar use step 6.1 instead of 6 and follow step 15! 


Step 1
Head over to SamMobile and download the firmware for the S6 flat Mirror
For the S6 edge
Firmware for S6 edge is here! Mirror
Step 2
Once the firmware is downloaded leave it in the downloads folder and download Cygwin terminal
Download Cygwin
When cygwin is installed open it and close it (I don't know why but certain folders didn't show up until I did that)
Step 3
Navigate to C:\cygwin64\home\(Your name)\
Step 4
Extract the firmware we downloaded earlier and you will get the .tar.md5 file rename it so the extension is just .tar
Step 5 
Open the .tar file with winrar and extract system.img, and recovery.img 
Step 6 (International/K/I/L only)
Download Unikernel for your S6 edge (only if you're getting S6 edge features for international devices only, not for W8/Tmus) Download Unikernel 
Step 6.1 (T-mobile only)
Use @arter97's kernel Download arters kernel for S6 flat use this even if you're using the G925S firmware but your actual hardware is S6 flat.
For S6 edge users on tmobile/W8 use the same kernel but this is the link to the edge version of @arter97's kernel Download arters S6 edge kernel use that even if you're using the S6 flat korean firmware but your actual hardware is the S6 edge.
Step 7 
When you have the ZIP/tar to the kernel you downloaded extract the boot.img from the zip/tar to the folder I mentioned earlier where system.img and recovery.img are.
Step 8
Open cygwin terminal and type

code ;
tar -H ustar -c recovery.img boot.img system.img > Update.tar

When that is done (make take 3-5 minutes) drag the newly created .tar file to your desktop it will be located exactly where the system.img, boot,and recovery were located (C:\cygwin64\home\(Your name)\)
Step 9
Go on your phone and enter download mode don't forget to download and extract odin to your desktop Odin Download
Step 10
Open odin and click AP make sure re-partition is UNCHECKED! <- I cannot express that enough
Step 11
Select the Update.tar which was on your desktop (or somewhere else) and click start IT IS NOW FLASHING!
Step 12
When the .tar file is finished flashing and your phone starts to reboot hold volume down and power while its booting into the newly installed firmware and wait for the phone to turn off when you see a black screen quickly switch to volume up and power and home to enter recovery mode
Step 13
When you are in recovery mode use the volume up and down keys to select wipe data and factory reset then when that is done wipe cache.
Step 14
Reboot and enjoy!
*Step 15 (only if you have a G920T or W8)
Flash TWRP in odin and then reboot into recovery and flash this Download the call audio fix this is not made by me it is made.

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