Giefroot - Rooting Tool (CVE-2014-4322) Sony Xperia Z3

Giefroot - Rooting Tool (CVE-2014-4322) Sony Xperia Z3

A tool to root your device using CVE-2014-7911

USB debugging enabled
Settings => About phone => Click 7 times on Android Build to unlock developer options
Allow mock locations
Settings => Developer Settings
adb drivers installed
Firmware < October 2014 (kernel and system)

How to use
Download the tool (latest version) and extract it
Start your device and plug it to your computer
Put your device in air plane mode
Run install.bat and follow the instructions on screen
Congratulations! You should now be rooted. If you get an error "Device not rooted", try running the tool a second time.
Don't forget to make a donation
If you are not rooted, see post #3 for possible solutions!

What can you do next
Make a donation to the people involved
Backup TA partition / DRM keys
Install dualrecovery
Download Z??  run install.bat and select Option #1

Note if you have problems after installing recovery, this thread is not the place to ask for help!

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