how to Install CWM Recovery on Lenovo A3000

Install CWM Recovery on Lenovo A3000

How to install CWM Recovery on A3000:

  1. Make sure your device is rooted... if not.. install [framroot] 
  2. Download MTK Droid Tools and extract.
  3. Download Drivers and extract.
  4. On your PC > Right click on my computer > Manage > Device Manager [from the list on the left ]
  5. Run MTKdroidTools.exe
  6. Connect your A3000 to your computer. (Powered ON)
  7. Quickly double click the unidentified driver that pops in the Device Manager > update driver > and point to the extracted drivers from step 2
  8. On MTKdroidTools > there is a color indicator in the bottom left corner > [if yellow > Press the root button] & [if green > go to the next step].
  9. Now click on [root,backup,recovery] > select [to use boot from phone] > click [recovery and boot] the app will start reading your device's original recovery.
  10. After a while it will ask you [make cwm recovery automatically] > click [yes]
  11. After another while it will ask you [install created recovery to phone] > click [yes]
  12. After a third while it will ask you [reboot into recovery] > click [yes]

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