[ROM] [NIGHTLY] [Shamu/Nexus6] Stock CM12.1 builds - everyday nightly builds Nexus 6

[ROM] [NIGHTLY] [Shamu/Nexus6] Stock CM12.1 builds - everyday nightly builds Nexus 6

With that, some words of wisdom:

1.This is an Android 5.1 Lollipop-based release - update your third party addons to ensure compatibility

2.The CM backupscript.sh in recovery will ignore and remove incompatible applications from your system partition (these are usually non-CM apps that users have opted to install). You must install a compatible app (or app pack) to regain that functionality

3.You can flash CM12.1 nightlies directly from CM11 M12 or CM 11 nightlies (no need to wipe), provided you read and followed items 1 and 2

4.Once on CM12.1 nightlies, you cannot downgrade back to CM11 without wiping – if you are thinking of just exploring the release, then take a backup of your existing installation if you want to go back to it.

5.You’ll need an L compatible recovery DOWNLOAD post #2 [TWRP - install]

6.For those which have problem with root acces - flashable superSU file via custom recovery.
6a.Check also on developer options is there root acces is "thick" for APPS+ADB


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